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Jennifer & Malcomb

My name is Jennifer Richardson my fiance name is Malcomb Reed we have been dating for 3 years now not very long but it is Pure Love.

I Jennifer is from Anderson South Carolina Malcomb is fron a small town called Aiken South Carolina. I have four siblings and he has six of them we have five children all together which four of our children are in the home with us. And we both have several nieces and nephews. We have a pretty big family that we're joining together.

I met Malcomb on a dating site call Pof. I was working third shift at Walmart just simply online looking for some late-night text buddies to get me through the night. I stocked shelves and help customers as needed but for the most part I was pretty much on my own and always had my phone on me. So not really looking for anything serious I ran into a guy that was freaking awesome made my heart smile and sweet and Charming. Although I thought he was going to be such a cornball because he greeted me With " Aye girl Whats up" . Bummer huh. We talked on the phone for a few months then he offer to take me out it was actually my birthday when we decided to hang out for the first time.

Everything went great believe it or not the first weekend I met him we seen one of my close friends and my cousin and their response was you're going to have to get him to North Carolina and feed him he is skinte.. The first date went really well. We ate at J Peters and he was such a gentleman.There are two particular times I knew he was the one nothing's more Charming and loving. Then someone who's there for you supportive of your situation and goals. Plus completely for family.

The way Malcomb and the kids bonded from the start it was pure and it was Gods work. I was living a fairytale lifestyle... He was completely amazing. So amazing I was traveling back and forth 45 minutes for a year-and-a-half and I never regret it. There was millions of times people would say you trust him I never once had to hesitate when I said yes this time it was different and This Love was going to LAST. Not long after it was Thanksgiving morning November 2016. Malcomb ask me to marry him. I looked at him and said my mom is in the kitchen I suggest you go get her permission. Her exact words was you can have her take her off my hands LOL. We laughed a little and then I said yes Jenndaya (my oldest) she was so happy she was so happy to be planning a wedding she was so happy to be wearing a dress she was just happy for mommy and malcomb and the fact that she was about to have a step daddy.

A few months later March 2017 Malcomb moved to Gastonia North Carolina from Spartanburg so that we can start our journey living together. In the beginning it was a little tough for him but my family grew on  him I'm a very  family oriented person. We always stick together we spend a lot of time together and he wasn't used to that. I knew Malcomb was for me and it's only one way to sum it up. God saved him for me. So here we are a little under 80 Days From being mr. And mrs. And I am truly excited. We will be getting married June 2nd 2018 at banquet 49 in Charlotte at 5 p.m. the reception will follow at the same location. There will be great food drinks dance moves and laughter and I'm truly excited to share this day with our loved ones.

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